PowerPunkt – wireless power transmission

Wireless energy transfer system for charging electric vehicles and any electronics

As we know, the number of electric vehicles is growing up rapidly all over the world. It needs a complex infrastructure with universal safe charging stations allowing you to quickly charge a vehicle without using wires

We want to present you one of our developments – wireless charger device for electric vehicles. The equipment has several degrees of protection, voltage control, current, temperature, battery status, power control, charger positioning. FOA, FOD, LOD, MPPT technologies ensure the safe operation of wireless power transmission equipment.

An integrated microprocessor controller provides fully controlled charging, prolonging the life of the battery.

This technology is not susceptible to weather conditions and allows you to safely charge equipment in both manual and automatic mode.

How it works

Features and Benefits

  • No direct contact with the charging station (docking station). High reliability and safety in all weather conditions (snow, rain)
  • Universal – no charging cables required
  • Placement on any surfaces or inside the material (asphalt, concrete, wood and other non-metallic materials)
  • Digital data exchange between devices
  • Monitoring the status and level of battery charge
  • Overheating and overcharging controll that protects the battery
  • Built-in and external temperature sensors
  • PD (Position Detection) – sensor positioning receiver and transmitter
  • FOA (Friend or Alien) – definition of the receiver on the technology of friend/alien
  • FOD (Foreign object detection) – control of the detection of foreign objects between the transmitter and the receiver
  • LOD (Live object detection) – control of the detection of organic objects (animal, human hand) when charging
  • MPPT (Maximum Power Peak Point) Control of maximum power source and load
  • High efficiency 90…95%

The economic benefit is the effective use of electronic equipment during the whole working time, the equipment is not idle, but is charging. A prerequisite for the approaching “Sharing economy”

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